Full Version: Scientists Forced To Admit Natural Immunity To COVID Is Superior To Vaccination
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Written to other flocks in other folds and reproduced here with my permission.

I am so sick of you people. Nobody but nobody has ever died or even gotten ill from sars-cov2 the undiscovered, never insolated disease that is blamed for causing covid-19. Blamed for spawning variants of it's nonexistent self. Like that's even possible. WAKE your sheepy ass up. Before people started getting vaxxed this pandemic was not producing a higher than normal body count per annum. The PCR test used to determine case numbers is completely bogus.

People who claim they had covid and recovered have had so much smoke blown up their ass they think they can turn around and blow it out their ass at rest of us. You are not a hero, if you got sick you got a garden variety flu. I don't care if you believe or even if you were, " never so sick in your entire life!"


The only place that can habour the yet to be isolated or discovered sars-cov2 is the recesses of the brainwashed mind. Another way to put that is if people weren't sick in the head this pandemic would be over because the disease doesn't exist.