Full Version: DELTA PILOT DIES in FLIGHT! Emergency Landing Required! MASSIVE COVERUP!
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Ace Ventura says no Chiroptera were harmed during recent expedition to Asia's deepest, darkest jungle at twilight to uncover the origin of "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2". (SARS-CoV-2)

The article is just more smoke for people who like to inhale through their assholes. First of all, if there was any truth to the operation even taking place they would have photos and videos and interviews with researchers with names to lend credence to their batshit article. Secondly the article presupposes there is a pandemic, throw out the people who have been vaccinated and less 1% of people who are supposedly infected die and 100% of those who did die, died of 3.5 comorbidities that actually ushered them to the great beyond. These are the same people in the same numbers the now eradicated flu used to eradicate.

Exaggerated number of deaths, worthless PCR results, crowded hospitals, etc. EVERYTHING they have thrown at us to get us to believe their BS has been proven to be fictitious, and proof has been evidenced here at this very site in bygone posts and pages only to be obscured by smoke.

There is no pandemic, there isn't even a virus. Speaking of Ace Ventura the posters around here (might have something to do with the smoke) are getting Dumber.