Full Version: ROB SKIBA - PROPHECY FROM 2013
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How are viruses deemed to be deadly in the first place? Researchers put monkey cells in a petri dish along with the isolated purified pathogen to be tested and when the monkey cells start dying off they sell the notion that it was the added pathogen that caused the die off. There's problems with this procedure though.

1) Monkey cell behavior is different in a petri dish than in a monkey.

2) The Sars-CoV-2 pathogen is non-existent, it's never been isolated, it's never been purified. Whatever pathogenic geedunk they are testing only relationship to the Sars-CoV-2 virus is that is what researchers labeled it inspite of the fact that their supposed pathogen can not be compared to and certified as the real deal, because the real deal don't exist!

3) Honest researchers run the same experiments without adding the pathogen to the petri sample and their monkey cells die at the same rate as the pathogenically laced samples.

What's that mean? It means epidemiologist/virologist and their whole field of science is totally whack. It means when you throw some milk in the petri dish and there's a reduction in viral load it's because the monkey cells are sick and dying.

Above all, what it means is,,, Whenever you take one of these countless articles that presupposes there is pandemic driven by a boogyvirus and argue it pros and cons you've taken contoll of your life. You are telling the TPTB and MSM you can't gaslight me, I'll do it myself.