Full Version: Be Very Afraid - DISEASE " X" IS COMING!
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DISEASE X" is coming! ...Experts say the rising number of emerging viruses is largely the result of ecological destruction and wildlife trade. Hunting for 'Disease X' There is a vaccine and a treatment for Ebola, which have brought down the rate at which it kills. But the question at the back of everyone's mind is: What if this woman doesn't have Ebola? What if, instead, she is patient zero of "Disease X," the first known infection of a new pathogen that could sweep the world as fast as Covid-19, but one that has Ebola's 50% to 90% fatality rate?
(01-03-2021, 06:12 PM)Whatsamatta_U Wrote: [ -> ]All the crazy talk about vaccines killing should die down pretty soon -- no pun intended Cuz about 12 Million have already been vaccinated And about 01 Million are being vaccinated every day With only a few dozen/score serious side effects Which is astronomically good odds -- way better than CoVid And that's nuthin' Just wait till India starts vaxxing They're gonna do 300M in the short term And 1B overall [Image: Si3EaTt.png]

Astronomically Good Odds aren't being rendered via luck. The point of administering two innoculations is so the victims won't be dropping from the gitgo. The 1st shot is either watered down or a complete placebo. Nothing happens to the victims at this point making potential victims less hesitant to get stabbed and temp suicide.

The 2nd dose will be the main and kill shot and of course they will be blaming the deaths on disease X and you will still be defending these evil bastards, that's your prerogative, Hell needs souls too.
Warning: If you can't handle the truth don't watch this video.

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