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Covid false flag coverup ongoing - treebeard - 08-30-2021

Pentagon, USAID (State Dept. subsidiary that functions as a CIA front organisation) funding of Wuhan lab, via "EcoHealth Alliance", (President Peter Daszak, who is heading WHO investigation/coverup into Covid-10 origins), top advisor David R. Franz, former commander of Fort Detrick, the principal U.S. government biowarfare facility. Fort Detrick was shut down twice in 2019 for "security breaches", and housed the troops who participated in the 2019 World Military Games at Wuhan, which caused the outbreak.
Franz and UNSCOM promoted the story that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction — a false claim that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He was a Colonel and served in the  U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.

Avril Haines, currently Director of National Intelligence, former CIA deputy and consultant to Palantir, the key player who is Peter Thiel of PayPal and other corporations (crypto), and a Trump ally. Haines participated in the Event 201 in October, 2019, in which a coronavirus pandemic emergency and propaganda campaign was simulated at Johns Hopkins.
Philip Zelikow and Michael R. Gordon,  long-time Deep State institutue members, along with Judith Miller, these being top journalists in Iraq WMD propganda, 9/11 lies, etc. while
9/11 Investigation commission director, atty. Zelekow is heading up the commission to investigate the origins of the Wuhan "lab leak theory", in a coverup..

et freaking cetera.

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RE: Covid false flag coverup ongoing - Lordy x2 - 08-30-2021

Thanks TB
Good stuff!

RE: Covid false flag coverup ongoing - Lordy x2 - 08-31-2021

(08-30-2021, 06:46 PM)Lily Wrote:  The more folks I talk to the more people are believing covid came from Fort Detrick.
This is the first I have heard of Peter Thiel being tied into things.

Viruses are not living entities, they don't eat or drink, breath, or have wild orgies too reproduce, they can't. They don't spend their lives (which they don't even have) looking for greener grass or formulating schemes to further their species by bouncing from host to host. They don't have the brains, need, want or desire to hijack the cells of your body and turn them into virus factories. Viruses are less than deaf & dumb. Conversely your cells are very intelligent and in an effort to cleanse themselves make viruses in response to toxins in your body which inately knows when cold & flu season is upon it, same way trees know when to shed their leaves.

Your body creates and uses viruses to cleanse itself and it is said that blaming viruses for the illness is like blaming flys for the garbage. Also there have been many posts in these forums discussing the fact that scientist have not been able to infect anyone and make them sick via the airborne transmission of a virus, never ever. That is why they can not isolate the offending coronavirus said to cause covid-19. That is why the Koch Institute can't obtain a simple sample to test against their postulates.

That is why I have to scratch my head when someone hints that this nonexistent scamdemic was spawned by an escaped bug from a bioweapons lab. It would be laughable if the world weren't heading in the direction it's heading in.