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Panic - Lordy x2 - 09-02-2021

RE: Panic - Lordy x2 - 09-02-2021

Norske_in_Merika Wrote:
Butch Wrote:He must be talking about the panicking vaccinated sheep.

Correct !  I'm starting to witness a few panic.

For example my brother is a HS teacher in Chicago and he was required to get the shot back in May.  He was so proud and boasted about it to everyone in our family.  I challenged him with information, but nothing confrontational.

Last weekend while at my mom's he expressed concern over taking the booster.  It turns out that one of his fellow teacher's 19YO son died in his college dorm 1 week after moving in.  Kid got the Jab as a requirement for college and is now dead.  Took him out in a body bag.

My brother is definitely showing signs of panic

Truth be known Wrote:I’m seeing it both ways. There are some posters here wishing their loved ones had listened and now it’s too late. Talk about panic. There’s a lot of panic on the pinned threads from those thinking it’s the mark of the beast. Post after post trying to get everyone to agree with them and imploring the unvaccinated not to get it. In as so far to calling them names. Heck, even this thread is an example from the man in the video of folks trying convince others with fear to take whatever their side is.

What the man in video said was people who had made irrevocable faulty decisions and were learning that was the case were the ones who suffered from panic and got irate defending their stance. People who have not taken the jab have not made the so called irrevocable mistake, they can still screwup, so your analogy is flawed.