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Chrino (pronounced cry-no) Christian in name only - Lordy x2 - 01-10-2022

Broad is the Gate, wide is the Path and thick are the Chrinos unknowingly marching headlong to their destruction! If they had a clue where the path was headed the much wailing and gnashing of teeth would be ear shattering!

So you think you're a going to waltz past judgment into the Kingdom of God? Well I'm here to tell you,,, I wouldn't presume on anybody's odds except my own and if you ask me, I think they are worrisome.

I was baptized Methodist at a tender age and some 6 decades later if I were to keel over to watch my life flash before my eyes... The things that I wish I had done differently or not at all numerically blot out the few things I might have patted myself on the back for. If Christ had viewed the same imagery he would say, "You know you are supposed to emulate me on occasion to remotely be considered Christian. You, even if I did forgive all your transgressions have led a perfectly lackadaisical life. What am supposed to do with you?"

Now that we are nearing the last Shemitah do you see my dilemma? Hell up until a few days ago I didn't even know what a Shemitah cycle was.  I do know I don't believe in coincidence and in order to expose me to it, it was my guidence counselor from my spiritual realm silently screaming at me to bone up on this stuff because there will be a test.

How about you, can you pass? Or are you a kindred spirit in Congregation Chrino who thinks paying lip service to the Lord from time to time is the same thing as worshipping him?