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Died Suddenly - Lordy x2 - 11-28-2022

RE: Died Suddenly - Lordy x2 - 11-29-2022

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RE: Died Suddenly - Lordy x2 - 01-30-2023

WTF ! PFIZER EXECUTIVE GENOCIDE confession vid has now +40 million views .

This video is just more stupidity for the consumption of STUPID PEOPLE. Just what exactly is a virus and how can it or does it attack your body to wind up giving you the sniffles or worse?

A virus is a capsule made out of protein with a strand of DNA or RNA in it. In either case the NA refers to nucleic acid and of course the protein is made out of amino acids.

The constituents of a virus are common items found in a healthy body. So if you are going to sit there with a straight face and try to convince me that when said constituents are rearranged into a virus they become toxic, you are either a Snake Oil Salesman or Delusional.

So delusional that most likely the deludee believes that theses inanimate viruses can get airborne and travel around the globe jumping from host to host in effort to ensure their own continued existence.

First off a virus is not alive in any way, shape or form. It can not move or propel itself in search of greener grass, it don't think, eat, procreate or even care about its existence one way or the other... And it damned sure as hell can't & don't purposely invade a cell to handoff a work order to have copies of itself made. Don't screw up the order or we could end up with a variant hopping all around the globe.

It's unavoidable, we are born with one foot in the grave, so stepping in this type of BS just may finish the job, and to those who refuse to wise up,,, I say GOOD RIDDANCE.

Quote:Intelligent, informed people are well aware of the microbiological interplay - not the either or - of "terrain" and "virus" theory" and therefore don't fall for the "virus doesn't exist" hoax any more than they fall for the idiotic flat earth PsyOp.

Thus, the alphabet agency shills and their low-IQ parrots can come up with better deceptions to ridicule and discredit the truth movement. 

So f*ck off, you pathetic moron.

Covid-19 does not exist, in all the world there is not one agency or entity that can provide anyone anywhere with a sample of the stuff because it doesn't exist. As far as the existence of viruses even goes all they can do is point to some pictures taken by electron microscope and say "See those little things that were subjected to freeze drying, chemical dyes and anti biological agents, those are viruses!" And you just have take their word for it.

It's not like they have any still pictures of these so called viruses attacking or trying to enter or exit a cell or a few broke open so you can see the strand of whatever it contains. If that were the case then they would point it out and say, "see it's not theory!"

All you got is your deep seated delusion that you're not being lied to and that is what is moronically pathetic.

Quote:You are simply an 85 IQ moron who lets himself be taken for a fool on the Internet by being told false claims about what viruses supposedly are, which are then grandly refuted.

Anyone who refutes the false, unscientific representations that are used to explain a virus to laymen and feels like the king exposing an entire branch of science better get the rope, because anyone who falls for something like that is really beyond help.

I got you figured out, you can't prove the existence of a virus or point to anyone or thing that can so you don't even try. You are just a trap rattling waste of bandwidth.


an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, is too small to be seen by light microscopy, and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host.

RE: Died Suddenly - Lordy x2 - 01-30-2023