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Global Warming has been kicked to the back burner while humanity fixates on a nonexistent coronavirus pandemic. This new distraction makes it easier for the masses to ignore or dismiss the ongoing catastrophe that continues to progress in scope and seriousness, which now, if it hasn't already, threatens to breech tipping points of no return. However, there are certain factions in positions of power who are aware of and dedicated to preventing what they deem to be worse case scenarios. 

How so you ask? For one and it's no secret, they want to knock the population down to a half billion souls and keep it in perpetual harmony with the environment. Right now people who are plotting the salvation of a failing ecosystem are being demonized, but 200 years from now if humanity somehow avoided stepping off the precipice into the abyss of its own extinction, today's demons will be tommorow's saints. Surely a Saint named Bill will have taken Peter's position at the Pearly Gates, even though, most likely, he actually drowned in a large kettle of tar and feathers.

At any rate, no matter what your initials are U have probably just read your epithet, particularly if you think your vaccination has anything to do with staving off the coronavirus and nothing to do with reducing Ur carbon footprint all the way down to zero.

To bad the would be saints waited so long to start marching in, at this point the problem with offing large portions of humanity is that it will trigger the McPherson Paradox, another warming feedback loop due to less particulates being emitted into the atmosphere. That's right, cleaner sky equals more sunlight warming the carbon insulated ecosystem and the sooner U dies. It has gotten to the point that the only way U can win is to be the last man standing and if you opt for the lethal injection you are taking yourself off the board and out of the game.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire

Bill Gates says getting to zero emissions will be 'best thing we've ever done'

Can you read between the lines? It's not about a fictitious virus culling humanity. Humanity needs culling to ward off global warming. Gates is using his scam/plan-demic to help reduce emissions by reducing the number of emitters, those emitters would be U.


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