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Is not going to work.  It's getting pretty obvious the Tribulation is about to kickoff off and no one is discussing survival strategy. Well maybe a Prepper or two who think they are going to blend into the hills and eat bugs and bark. Good luck with that.
If you are serious about servival and meet their minimum mental and physical requirements you will have to pledge your allegiance to a gang, the bigger the better. At this point Law Enforcement or the Military would be your best bet.

Barring those options and you have your own hardware you are going to have to join a punk or militias type organization. That is, if you want to be around for any length of time. In any case the procurement and protection of supplies to keep your organization intact and viable will be its main function. Deadly Force will be employed to meet those objectives.

Ever diminishing supplies will bring Gangs into direct confrontational competition with each other. This scene is set when a punk organization that roves from location to location ends up scouting a neighborhood where a militias is hunkered down.

We've been bivouacked in this fucking burnt out strip center for two days, we are running low on food, what's your problem, why the hell haven't you submitted an action plan?

They aren't showing their hand, I don't know their numbers or what kind of weapons they have or which dwellings they'll be defending themselves from. To put it short I don't want to get anybody needlessly killed.

To put it short I would rather die quickly needlessly than cautiously slowly starving to death. Tonight you send the bitches in with gas cans.

What! We don't have any gas?

I know that, You know that, but they don't! Give them bitches empty cans and when them squatters think they are about to get burned out and the shooting starts you'll be able to determine where it's coming from and take appropriate action. Tell them girls if they volunteer and survive they get double rations for a week and if they don't volunteer make them eat a bullet.

Man you're just plain cruel.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire

Whooo's theyair?
Anita who?
Anita to get in or you'll be pulling an all nighter by your lonesome.

Now that you're settled in, is there some reason  you can't use today's password?

Probably because I don't remember it from the morning meeting. Like it's really important to verbally protect a door I could quite easily physically kick in. What the Grand Poobah thinks is important around here is beyond me.

You better not let Parks hear you use that reference for him. He thinks he's God, he'll think you're dising him for totally different reasons than what you're dising him for.

I wish he was God then he could tell Adam & Eve to stay away from the Apple Tree in a more meaningful manner, that way we wouldn't be in this mess.

How's that?

The planet wouldn't be in such dire straights if humanity hadn't gained the knowledge to master fire and invent the wheel. We'd be in the jungle eating ripe fruit that falls to the ground. We'd be happy campers down in the tropics under the protective canopy of a rainforest, far fewer in number instead of spread out around the globe defiling every nook and cranny. Yesiree BOB, we'd living, loving and hiding from our predaters just like any other self-respecting Monkey, and my balls would itch because my grass skirt had a insect infestation, not because I sat in the same chair you did.

Overall, that's a hell of a theory, but it does have one fatal flaw.

Oh yeah what's that?

Just so happens, MY BALLS DON'T ITCH! Never have.
Hey get a load of the Elm St. monitor! What you think is going on there?

Sheeze, looks like a few dozen bitches with gas cans fanning out into the hood.

I know what it looks like, what do you think they are up to?

Maybe they think we're hiding a filling station in here.

How come with you I don't have to ask the stupid question to get a stupid answer?

Why are you even asking me? You should be asking GP Parks if he wants to put some of these dizzy ditzes in the dirt.

Yeah I should be but I can't contact the GP.


I don't recall the password either.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire


ALRIGHT ALREADY, I'm awake, this better be good! What is it, the bitches demanding double breakfast rations?

For God's Sake, look out the window, NOW SIR!

Alright keep your pants on.

Exactly, see that guy out front next to the other guy with the white flag. He said his name was Parks. He also said if you aren't out there to parlay with him in 5 minutes the whole lot of them would be in here in 6 minutes to clean house. Actually Sir I think you're down to about 2 minutes now!

OK, I guess I'll go see what he wants.

What's the meaning of putting all these people in my parking lot?

STFU you dipshit, matter of fact don't say nothing. Just nod yes or no when I get to the point where I say do you understand me. Keep in mind if your reply resembles a no you will instantaneously die along with your entire crew. You marauders been here several days now and you get more brazen every night. This will escalate into something ugly and could go on for several more days unless we put our foot down. So this is where we're at. You and yours have 10 minutes to be packed up and gone, do you understand me?

What! That's impossible, we couldn't possi...

Kill him.

WAIT, Just wait, we'll give it our best shot.

Note, any shooting from your contingency will not be tolerated.

That was just a figure of speech.

Fine, but you better get to stepping because as of this moment your clock is ticking.

Sir what's happening Sir?

We are bugging out! Tell everyone to grab their gear and meet me out front in the street in the next 5 minutes. Make sure they damn well understand, any stragglers will be buzzard bait.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire

Where's Walt?

He's probably at the back of the column, he was taking a headcount. I take it back, he must've finished counting, he's right over there.

Go tell him I need to speak to him in private.

Well we lose anyone?

How many people you have out on point Sir?

Six, three on either side of the road.

That's what I thought, we may have gained a head.

You saying we picked up a spy?

Maybe, maybe my last census was off by one. Why have we stopped?

A scout informed me that about a half mile past this bend in the road there's a four corner intersection with a half dozen delapadated multi story buildings still standing. I need you to do what you do while the rest of us stay out of sight. Take some assault personnel and go assess the situation and if it's not too much bother, see if you can procure some lunch meat. Maybe if the place is empty or you can empty it we'll setup shop there.

Bad ideal Sir, when it comes to defending a location you need to put your back up against a wall not be somewhere they can come at you from four different directions at once.

How long we been marching now, forty minutes? We've moved about two miles down the road and I don't want to get to far away from the prize.

What Prize?

That neighborhood we just got ousted from must of had a hell of a stockpile of hoardables! They didn't convert any of us to food and they didn't take our weapons, meaning they had plenty of either. At any rate, letting us leave was a major screwup on their part, had it been my call we wouldn't be standing here.

Yes, I think we dodged a bullet, most of the pissed off faces in that crowd looked like they couldn't believe we were getting a pass. I'm thinking whoever was in charge might have had an ulterior motive for letting us leave intact. Also I'd say we were outnumbered by at least ten to one. So unless you are dead set on getting us all killed, I think we should go look for some easier pickings.

Hey Walt look at what the wind is blowing in! WHERE THE HELL ARE MY BODYGUARDS? PUT YOUR GODAMN GUN ON HIM!

Chill out, I just want to talk and I'm not packing.

Well that's your problem. Walt looks like we can reconcile your faulty headcount. Who's the dipshit now, dipshit?


Jesus Walter could you give me a heads up before touching off that cannon so I can put my fingers in my ears! What did you kill him for, he wasn't going to give us any trouble?

What's the matter Parksey, does a little bloodletting make you squeamish.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire
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