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But makes sure you understand the science before seeking compensation...

The gene-therapy mRNA reprograms the cell to produce a viral component. It's a synthetic spike-protein sequenced in a lab by a computer and has multiple kill-points that will cause 100% mortality within 10 years for anyone who took it.

The PRION encoded in the spike-protein

The most deadly aspect of this kill-shot is the genetic sequence contains a 5 GxxxG prion motif which will be a slow-onset of neural degenerative diseases and already we are seeing a uptick in CJD or crutzfeild-jakobs disease in Phizer vaccinated patients. CJD is 100% fatal!

This has been confirmed by many people in the industry and you can also prove it yourself by running the synthetic gene sequence for this spike protein through PLAAC and the dip at 500 is the prion motif.

Here is the gene-sequence. LINK


Here is PLAAC, copy and paste the gene-sequence run it for yourself and it spikes at 500 which is the prion.

SARS-CoV-2 Prion-Like Domains in Spike Proteins Enable Higher Affinity to ACE2

Richard M Fleming PHD MD JD, providing information on how mRNA vaccine produce a prion like disease.

Now catching attention:

Scientist sounds alarm: COVID vaccines producing symptoms of Parkinson’s, other neurodegenerative disorders

Outside of the brain damage vector of the vaccine the other problem is our own immune systems response to our cells causing an immune-response where the cell presenting the spike-protein triggers the killer T cells to attack and kill the cell. If too many cells die this triggers a platelet response forming clots. Thrombosis or micro-thrombosis becomes and issue and this leads to heart attacks and strokes.

This is where we have the deaths that appear within 14 days of the shots for those who get the clots and die.

Of course the final death-blow comes from ADE as we know this is causing ADE in the UK/Israel as i takes 6-9 months for that problem to occur. Another slow-onset problem of this soft kill weapon.

Welcome to the Vaccine Holocaust of 2021... thank-you for your participation in the greatest crime against humanity ever to take place in human history.

Brought to you by:

Agenda 21.
Agenda 2030.
The Great Reset.
Cyber Polygon.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire
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