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"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire

This is why we are doomed: The smartest people are just as brainwashed as the dumbest - vaccine and virus fraud. I'm surrounded by PhD innovators and not ONE of them can pull their head out of the black hole of liberal and medical propaganda currently driving the chatter on Earth.

At dinner with 6 of them recently, I brought up the subject of germ theory versus terrain theory and how virology is a giant fraud. Every one of them was physically triggered and could not sit still long enough to let me explain METICULOUSLY how virus and vaccine studies are routinely falsified - basically 100% of them.

I quoted multiple doctors, books and studies and they basically rallied against me en mass to reject every word I was saying.

After dinner, one of them - an ACTUAL ROCKET SCIENTIST said she found a study that proved AIDS existed (after I challenged them to show me a valid study).

We read through this published study together and I showed her that the METHODS section and RESULTS section contradicted the ABSTRACT.

These studies use a hilariously small number of test subjects and even in the abstract claimed ONLY 10% success, which, with the small number of subjects made the 10% claim basically junk science and not statistically valid.

Further, the METHODS described very clearly that zero conditions were applied to actually compare the results to known standards - effectively making that 10% claim null and void. Therefore: The study showed 0% of what it claimed in the abstract to be a SIGNIFICANT cause and effect SCIENTIFIC result. ZERO PERCENT. AND, it was in mice, not humans, so it was 110% bullshit with a bullshit sauce and bullshit for dessert.

I then showed her several more studies that did the same thing. With a glazed look in her eyes, she kept repeating "but the abstract says the virus causes the illness."


This is what we are up against. The small number of we who can see through the lies - for WHATEVER reason - are doomed to be crushed under a tide of useless idiots.



"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -Voltaire
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