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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-26-2021, 08:26 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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This Tyranny Stops Right Here, Right Now!

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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-26-2021, 08:00 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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[Image: mario_draghi_2021_cropped-e1613164682221-1200x793.jpg]

ITALY: It’s Civil War! — Dictatorship Declares Vaxx obligatory for all

In violation of every term of the Italian Constitution, the Charter of Human Rights of the European Nations, of the UN Charter for Human Rights, and every medical, scientific and religious moral norm, the Sanitary Dictatorship has approved the conversion into law of the Administrative Decree of Mario Draghi’s Government DL 44/2021.

The terms of this Dictatorial Decree oblige every resident of Italy to take the Vaxx, regardless of any position of religion or conscience.

Those who refuse, will be DENIED all medical assistance, in all hospitals and clinics, public and private.

Here is a direct link to the Italian Gazette, the official publication of the Italian Republic regarding laws. The Decree of April 1, 2021 was converted into a “law” by a vote in Parliament last week. The key wording is in Article 5, where anyone, who is deemed to be “not in present use of their natural faculties” — i .e. asleep — can be vaccinated by medical staff, because their consent is PRESUMED.

This is barbarism.

The Draghi government is going forward with its mass vaccination program with calculated steps. Already in past weeks we have seen political dissidents threatened with or receiving TSO’s (being taken to a mental asylum) for refusing to comply with Sanitary Dictatorship Decrees. Now any resistance can be deemed violent, violence deemed signs of insanity, insanity a sign of “not being in possession of natural faculties” and the door is open to vaccination!

I personally know of several poor people who are being obliged to get vaccinated in order to keep receiving welfare checks. While this goes beyond the letter of the law, in truth, Italy is already in a lawless state. Every injustice will now be perpetrated on account of the Scamdemic.

But with the approval of 44/2021, the previous approval of the “Green Passport” as the condition for travel between any two regions of Italy or use of public accommodations, makes the Vaccine a practical requirement for normal life takes on a new threat. Refusal to comply now gives a “legal” way to force vaccination.

Many opposition groups have declared in previous weeks and months, that if the Draghi government took this step, they would declare armed conflict against the government.

Whether Civil War breaks out now in Italy, God only knows, but truly with such a move the Italian Dictatorship has declared war on its people: a war of extermination, a war of genocide, a war against Christianity, a war to the destruction of all human life in the territory of the former Republic.

The days ahead abode with darkness and conflict. I beg your prayers to Our Lady of Victories for the Italian people!

EDITORIAL: I wrote an editorial in response to this news, the day after.

August 19,2021 UPDATE:  Eleven days before the above report was filed, General Figliuolo, the Vaxx Tsar appointed by the Draghi government, confirmed the conclusion of my report saying:  “By September we will all be vaccinated”.  Click the image below to read the original report in Italian:

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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-22-2021, 11:24 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Memo to the Vaccinated: Get Off Our Backs!

August 21, 2021

Regarding the current push to get everyone to take an experimental vaccine, there is only one consideration: Whose decision is it?

I’ll answer that.  It’s yours.  It’s mine.  Do as you wish but don’t tell me what to do.
When facts see light there’s hope

The mind-numbing mantra that the vaccines are “safe and effective” was shattered by US naval officer J.H. Furman in a paper written in response to the Defense Secretary’s memorandum requiring all servicemen to take the vaccine or possibly face court martial.  To Furman the shots are neither necessary nor safe:

The average member of the U.S. military is young and in excellent physical fitness, two categories that are nearly immune to the dangers of COVID. So far, only 24 people out of 2.2 million military personnel have died of COVID-19, a rate of less than one per 91,000.


Currently, the U.S. military has proven completely capable of weathering COVID-19 without any loss of effectiveness, so forcibly making the entire service a test case for a novel type of vaccine is a pointless risk.

And then we find this from Paul Craig Roberts:

In the European Union (EU), more than 22,000 vaccination-associated deaths are now documented in the EU drug adverse events database. Which caused Doctors for COVID Ethics (an international doctors group from over 30 countries) to conclude on July 9, 2021 “[…] the benefits of vaccination are highly doubtful. In contrast, the harm the vaccines do is very well substantiated […]” Vaccine-enhanced herd immunity is in question. On August 3, Iceland’s Chief Epidemiologist announced that their 95% nation-wide full vaccination rate, “[…] has not led to the herd immunity that experts hoped for. In the past two to three weeks, the Delta variant has outstripped all others in Iceland and it has become clear that vaccinated people can easily contract it as well as spread it to others.” [emphasis mine]

Dr. Roberts explains why we have vaccines to deal with:

For the entirety of the time that the “pandemic” has been upon us, the official protocol enforced by CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO has prevented known preventatives and cures—HCQ and Ivermectin—from being used to treat patients.  Eli Lilly* has announced a new cure, but it has “been put on hold,” that is, blocked from usage.  Why has the medical establishment blocked treating Covid patients with known safe cures?

In clear words, the official medical protocol is entirely responsible for the Covid deaths. It was the lack of treatment, not the virus, that killed people.

Why were people not treated?  They were not treated because the absence of any known treatment is the sole legal basis for the use of an untested, unapproved, experimental “vaccine.”  The law is clear.  Unapproved vaccines cannot be used if there is a cure. [italics in original]

The case for the vaccines is steeped in corruption.  I stand firm in agreeing with US Navy CDR Furman, that the vaccines represent a pointless risk.

Stay informed, exercise due diligence.

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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-22-2021, 03:37 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Houston: 150 Nurses Refuse Deadly Experimental Injections & Get Fired – Now, There’s a Shortage Of Nurses

Tim Brown / August 19, 2021

This is what happens when tyrannical governments are not held in check, and furthermore, when fascist businesses are continued to be patronized. A while back, 22,000 nurses refused unlawful mandatory vaccinations and refused to back down. In the city of Houston, Texas, 150 nurses were fired after they refused the deadly experimental injections President Donald Trump unconstitutionally paid for with your money and is now being mandated. Now, the city has created its own crisis due to a shortage of nurses.

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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-22-2021, 12:01 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Is not going to work.  It's getting pretty obvious the Tribulation is about to kickoff off and no one is discussing survival strategy. Well maybe a Prepper or two who think they are going to blend into the hills and eat bugs and bark. Good luck with that.
If you are serious about servival and meet their minimum mental and physical requirements you will have to pledge your allegiance to a gang, the bigger the better. At this point Law Enforcement or the Military would be your best bet.

Barring those options and you have your own hardware you are going to have to join a punk or militias type organization. That is, if you want to be around for any length of time. In any case the procurement and protection of supplies to keep your organization intact and viable will be its main function. Deadly Force will be employed to meet those objectives.

Ever diminishing supplies will bring Gangs into direct confrontational competition with each other. This scene is set when a punk organization that roves from location to location ends up scouting a neighborhood where a militias is hunkered down.

We've been bivouacked in this fucking burnt out strip center for two days, we are running low on food, what's your problem, why the hell haven't you submitted an action plan?

They aren't showing their hand, I don't know their numbers or what kind of weapons they have or which dwellings they'll be defending themselves from. To put it short I don't want to get anybody needlessly killed.

To put it short I would rather die quickly needlessly than cautiously slowly starving to death. Tonight you send the bitches in with gas cans.

What! We don't have any gas?

I know that, You know that, but they don't! Give them bitches empty cans and when them squatters think they are about to get burned out and the shooting starts you'll be able to determine where it's coming from and take appropriate action. Tell them girls if they volunteer and survive they get double rations for a week and if they don't volunteer make them eat a bullet.

Man you're just plain cruel.

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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-20-2021, 06:33 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Shocking New Study Reveals Covid ‘Vaccines’ Do Permanent Damage to 62% of Recipients

[Image: Shocking-New-Study-Reveals-Covid-Vaccine...pients.jpg]

The Moderna Covid-19 “vaccine’ contains 40 trillion mRNA molecules in each injection

We've seen numerous studies and tons of data showing how the Covid-19 "vaccines" cause immediate adverse reactions, including death. But the long-term damage is much wider spread than anyone else is reporting.

by Dr. Joseph Mercola August 19, 2021

Dr. Charles Hoffe, a family physician from Lytton, British Columbia, told health officials that his patients were suffering adverse effects from the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Hoffe was quickly accused of causing “vaccine hesitancy” and local health authorities threatened to report him to the licensing body.

The spike protein in the vaccine can lead to the development of multiple, tiny blood clots because it becomes part of the cell wall of your vascular endothelium; these cells are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly, but the spike protein means there are “spiky bits sticking out”.

Hoffe has been conducting the D-dimer test on his patients to detect the potential presence of blood clots within four to seven days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine; 62% have evidence of clotting.

The long-term outlook is very grim, Hoffe said, because with each successive shot, it will add more damage as you’re getting more damaged capillaries.

Blood Clot Formation With mRNA Vaccines ‘Inevitable’

‘The Worst Is Yet to Come’

“They have permanently damaged hearts”

Because of the risk of the formation of blood clots in your vessels, Bhakdi went so far as to say that giving the COVID-19 vaccine to children is a crime: “Do not give it to children because they have absolutely no possibility to defend themselves; if you give it to your child you are committing a crime.”

Physicians Forbidden From Countering the Narrative


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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-20-2021, 01:56 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
- No Replies The conspiracy site who's user metrics all other conspiracy sites measure themselves against has banned anonymous guest posting. They've done it before, but quickly undo it as the quality and quantity of the site's postings takes a hit.

The duration may be different this time. Trinity claims anonymous posters threatening violence against the perpetrators & collaborators of the phoney pandemic could put GLP under their all-seeing microscope and then shut up and/or shut down.

If that's actually the case I think it's going to be a long time before Trinity allows anonymous posting again because it's going to be a long time before what will be left of humanity too shake out the ever growing EVIL now trying to permeate every facet of our existence

Or. GLP could start allowing anonymous guest posters after a few days, meaning the play was just a membership drive like the previous site lockdowns. How's that for a conspiracy!

Time will tell.

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Posted by: Lordy x2
08-19-2021, 07:00 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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This is a new "disease" since 2020

A severe inflammation of multiple organs in the body including the brain, the kidneys, the spleen, the gastro-intestinal tract, the eyes, the skin. It can be deadly.

Already over 4,200 reports to the CDC and 40 deaths of children!

This syndrome will come up from shedding and vaxxing.

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