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Posted by: Lordy x2
04-17-2022, 05:07 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Posted by: Lordy x2
04-11-2022, 07:51 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Posted by: Lordy x2
03-23-2022, 07:03 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Posted by: Lordy x2
02-08-2022, 06:38 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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[Image: Screenshot-20220206-115652-2.png]


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Posted by: Lordy x2
01-30-2022, 06:25 PM
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Mark Sexton’s Criminal Case Gets “Fact Checked” by Those With A Conflict of Interest  

[Image: image-249.png?fit=762%2C433&ssl=1]

Here at the Expose, we have attempted to bring each and every update regarding the criminal investigation into the COVID-19 “vaccines” that is being carried out by Hammersmith CID following a complaint made by Mark Sexton in December 2021. This is to ensure readers know that there is work being carried out behind the scenes fighting against what is being inflicted on humanity and to allow people to feel some optimism.

Yet, as seen throughout these last two years, individuals and companies with a vested interest will do their utmost to try to prevent this., therefore their recent tactics will be addressed here.

The Case
Since January 2022, flyers and information has been shared widely, informing others of the case number and a call to others to come forward with evidence of their experience of the vaccination.

We have so far seen individuals from up and down the country approaching their local police and also vaccination centres to have them shut down on the strength of the ongoing investigation.
[Image: image-241.png?resize=563%2C828&ssl=1]
However, there have been many people denying the existence of an investigation, which, unfortunately, has included some police forces from certain areas, resulting in individuals reporting that they had no assistance from them in their attempts to shut down vaccination centres.

This denial has arguably, been further driven by a “fact check” yesterday (the 21st January 2022), that Reuters shared on Twitter in an attempt to refute this claim.

Reuters post stated that the Metropolitan Police told them that “it has not launched a criminal investigation into Britain’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout, nor are officers shutting down vaccination centres as a result”.

Furthermore, they said that “A crime reference number – CRN 6029679/21 – was issued after a complaint of an alleged crime regarding vaccine rollouts. A Met spokesman said that a CRN being issued does not automatically indicate a probe has been opened – nor does it mean that a crime has been committed”

The Fact Check
Since early on in the plandemic social media giants including FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, have been flagging up COVID related posts that oppose or question the official narrative as “false” or “misleading” by now social media users are aware of this, and that they have admitted that they are not facts at all but “opinions”.

Yet far fewer social media users are aware that in fact, Reuters is also in the business of “fact-checking” and publishes its fact-checking commentary using a format that resembles news stories that also show up in online searches.

Reuters, which is owned the $40 billion international multimedia company, Thomson Reuters Corporation, announced in August 2021, a new collaboration with Twitter to “more quickly provide credible information on the social networking site as part of an effort to fight the spread of misinformation.”

They also announced a similar partnership with Facebook to “fact check” social media posts.

However, Reuters made no mention of the fact that they have ties to PfizerWorld Economic Forum (WEF) and Trusted News Initiative (TNI). Consequently, what we are seeing is “an industry collaboration of major news and global tech organisations whose stated mission is to “combat the spread of harmful vaccine disinformation.”

[Image: image-245.png?resize=639%2C319&ssl=1]

Revealing This Information Saw Dr Malone From LinkedIn

It was as a result of revealing this information that Dr. Robert Malone, a physician and inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA drugs, kicked off the LinkedIn platform.

Malone had said, that he thinks anyone reading Reuters “fact check” articles about COVID-related content should know about the obvious conflicts of interest.

On June 28, Malone tweeted: “regarding the “Trusted News Initiative” and censorship of information regarding COVID vaccine safety, please be aware of the link between Pfizer and Reuters. I would call that a journalistic conflict of interest. What do you think?” (Malone is now banned from Twitter too)

Dr Malone showed the LinkedIn profile of Jim Smith and said that “Jim Smith, who sits on Pfizer’s board, is also former president and current chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and CEO and director of Reuters parent company, Thomson Reuters Corporation — a $1.53 billion publicly traded “provider of financial information … to businesses, governments and individuals worldwide.”

Jim Smith
This information needs to be understood, as it is in Reuters Vested interest to report information to dissuade people from being encouraged by the criminal case and taking steps to approach their local vaccination centres in an attempt to shut them down.
As For The BBC
The BBC, well, what more is there to say that has not already been said a multitude of times? They are a propaganda tool.

However, the BBC has also reported on the case and said that “in a statement, the Metropolitan Police said: “A crime reference number was created and provided to the complainants.”This is not an indication that an investigation is underway or that a crime has been committed.

“It merely acknowledges that an allegation has been received and recorded. “While the assessment continues, to date there is nothing to indicate that a crime has been committed and no criminal investigation has been launched.”

You may find this video from activist Barry both interesting and informative.

Home office crime recording protocols updated April 21
Mark Sexton has responded to the individuals who have disputed that there is a criminal investigation taking place and has written that: “Crime recorded means a criminal offence has taken place and recorded for…quote. .

“To enable an effective investigation, apprehension of offenders, or if it’s in the public interest.”

A crime is recorded unless there is information otherwise to suggest no crime has been committed.

For noting and clarification to dispel any confusion.

Relevant sections are added below for ease of reading such a long document. Crime number 6029679/21 refers to Misconduct in public office/Gross Negligent Manslaughter.
[Image: image-247.png?resize=639%2C258&ssl=1]
[Image: image-248.png?resize=639%2C390&ssl=1]
Mark Sexton has Also Addressed the issues surrounding the case at this time.

From Mark Sexton

Quote:From MS, Wednesday 19th of January 2022. 00.25 hours.
For sharing.
Dear Metropolitan Police, Hammersmith CID, all serving Police Constables and all Police staff.
To, Detective Chief Superintendent Treena Fleming assistant to Cressida Dick
Detective Inspector Akshay Chibber
Detective Inspector Trevor Struthers
Detective Sergeant Oliver Mallett
Detective Constable Tobias Hussey
Detective Constable Chris Nadvornik
Detective Constable Kevin Au

Police Constable Irvine.
This is an open letter to you and for the attention of every man, woman and child in the U.K. and around the world.

One month on since the reporting of serious crimes and a crime number being issued, please answer and consider the following?

1, why haven’t The Metropolitan Police made contact with all U.K. Police forces to make them aware of the dangers of the vaccines? This is despite all Chief Constables being individually notified three weeks ago and Sadiq Khan The Mayor of London.

2, why haven’t The Metropolitan Police made an announcement to alert the public of the dangers of the vaccines?

3, why haven’t The Metropolitan Police and all U.K. Police forces advised all medical establishments to cease administering the vaccines immediately?

4, why haven’t The Metropolitan Police and all U.K. Police forces seized all vaccines from all establishments and taken them into the police’s secure detained property stores, considering they are weapons being used to cause mass harm, injury and death?

5, why are law-abiding members of the public being forced to go to vaccination centres across the U.K. and demand they are closed down immediately with limited or no assistance from the Police?

6, why are some Police forces telling the public the crime number does not exist and the whole thing is a hoax?

Yet other Police forces are acknowledging the crime number is real and evidence is being collated and assessed by The Metropolitan Police.

7, the evidence (so far) submitted is vast, irrefutable and damning on a scale that is very disturbing. Why haven’t The Metropolitan Police made contact with any of the expert witnesses in order for them to provide their very credible evidence? They are being acknowledged by Superintendent Jon Simpson (the former assistant to Cressida Dick) and he in turn is forwarding all correspondence onto the investigating team. Yet limited contact is being made considering the irrefutable evidence they can provide.

8, since making the complaint on the 20th of December 2021 approximately one hundred and fifty more people have died unnecessarily as a result of the vaccines. Also in that time tens of thousands more people have suffered serious injury and harm.

This is unacceptable. This is the governments own yellow card reporting data and it’s believed to be under reported by at least ten times.

9, the evidence provided is more than enough to warrant an immediate cessation of the vaccines, but in any instance they should be paused while these assessments are made.

Common sense alone dictates this should be done at the very least.

Why has this not been done?

10, why haven’t you convened an urgent meeting between the informants and some of the medical and scientific experts, to discuss and guide the Police to the most pertinent evidence and how this can assist with the decision making processes. 

Their expertise and knowledge base is key and it offers the best evidence to support all of the allegations.

11, why is there a total media and social media blackout pertaining to the criminal complaint and the investigation being carried out?

12, Constables of all rank and file swore an oath to protect the public from harm, injury and death.

As public servants, it is your basic fundamental duty to do so without interference from any outside agency including government. You are impartial.

No man or woman, business or corporation private or public are above the law. We are all equal in the eyes of the law.

No title, financial status or appointment of the public office gives anyone special privileges or exemption from investigation, arrest or prosecution.

The actions or indeed inactions of every Constable have consequences for that individual officer.

The inactions so far by not protecting the public from harm is the individual responsibility of each of you and you are not protected by The Metropolitan Police or The Police Federation.

You must act to save lives straight away and any unlawful orders to the contrary from senior rank or government must be ignored and appropriately challenged.

The vaccines must be stopped immediately and the public must be notified of their dangers. The evidence is overwhelming. Not only are you Constable’s in possession of the evidence but Constables with families, friends and colleagues who are all seeing the devastation they are causing.

Surely you want to protect your loved ones also?

I implore you all individually and collectively and for the sake of humanity, with morality and decency, to stop this now, to protect all of the men, women and children not just here in the U.K. but around the world. If you fail to do so the public have every right in law to act to protect themselves and each other.

But this must be avoided at all cost.

We know it’s criminal, a large majority of the public know it’s criminal and all of you know it’s criminal.

Please, stand up and do the right thing now, stop this mass murder and harm and arrest those responsible. You’ve been sent more than enough evidence from very credible experts from all over the world, many of whom are offering their full support to this criminal investigation.

The evidence alone submitted by Lawyer Philip Hyland PJH Law and Dr Sam White is more than enough to arrest some of those responsible.

Our only motive is to save lives.

Surely that is yours too.

Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Immunologists, Virologists, Scientists, data experts, Barristers, retired Police Constables, Teachers and members of the public should not be begging you to protect them from harm and for you to do your job. It is your sworn public and professional duty to do so.

We let them murder our elderly who were abandoned, frightened and alone. Are you really going to stand by and let them harm our children too? Because we will not be letting this happen.

In the name of God almighty and all that is true, decent and moral, work for the people who pay you to protect them.

We are not telling you how to do your job, we are demanding that you just do it.

Yours sincerely, hopefully and respectfully.

Mark Sexton

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Posted by: Lordy x2
01-27-2022, 05:40 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Posted by: Lordy x2
01-25-2022, 09:34 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Posted by: Lordy x2
01-07-2022, 10:28 PM
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Wastewater Wastes the Official Covid-19 Narrative
[Image: sewage-works.jpg?h=04deb22c&itok=LSZw4-yv]
Iain Davis
Sunday, 25th October 2020

Wastewater (sewage) can be analysed to reveal the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in the community. Recently the UK government announced that they have successfully trialled a wastewater monitoring program which supposedly proves that SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in sewage samples. Consequently, we can be reasonably certain that everything we have been told about Covid-19 is false.

Wastewater Based Epidemiology (WBE) Used As A Predictive Tool

It has long been reported that the virus can be detected using the process of wastewater based epidemiology (WBE) and now the UK government have confirmed that it can. A UK government led program sampling wastewater in South West England has "proven" that fragments of viral genetic material can be detected in sewage.

The project is part of the National Covid-19 Wastewater Epidemiological Surveillance Program (N-WESP) which was established to examine the use of WBE for "early detection" of SARS-CoV-2 "outbreaks." N-WESP is funded by the National Environment Research Council (NERC) who are themselves directly funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

UKRI received just over £9bn in funding from the UK government for the 2020/21 financial year with the bulk of that funding coming from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). BEIS are partners with the World Economic Forum (WEF) who represent the world's most powerful global corporations, including pharmaceutical giants such as AstraZeneca, GSK (via the Wellcome Trust), Gilead Sciences, Novartis, Pfizer and Sanofi etc.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the Environment Agency and Joint Biosecurity Center (JBC) are collaborating on the N-WESP project to formulate "scientific intelligence" to predict "coronavirus sources."
The UK government is so confident that they have already used it to inform NHS Test and Trace. A delighted Environment Secretary George Eustice stated:

Quote:This is a significant step forward in giving us a clearer idea of infection rates both nationally and locally.

The UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock added:

Quote:This initiative is just one example of how we are working across government and with local partners to find innovative, new ways to track the outbreak ... Monitoring and sampling wastewater offers another tool to help us identify outbreaks early on-helping NHS Test and Trace and local authorities target hotspots quickly and effectively.

This fits in precisely with the objectives of the JBC: to use various lockdown measures (non pharmaceutical interventions) to rapidly respond to local "flare ups" of Covid-19. This will enable a smooth decision making process utilising a playbook of options to deliver rapid implementation and action.

We have already seen how this smooth decision making works. The UK Government smoothly issued their five Covid-19 alert levels, which later became three, and which led to the abandonment of reporting of Pillar 2 test data because it was useless. It delivered the u-turn on face masks, based upon no new scientific evidence. Smoothness produced total confusion about stay at home (or not) guidance and the UK Prime Minister was sleekly bewildered by his own policy on the mixing (or not mixing) of different households.

All of this silky smooth chaos was predicated upon the specious claim that lockdown measures work. The JBC are yet another arm of the State convinced that locking up the healthy is a sensible way to respond to a supposed viral respiratory pandemic.

A recent meta-analysis study, comparing mortality and health outcomes from more than 50 countries, found the following:

Quote:Full lockdowns and wide-spread COVID-19 testing were not associated with reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality.

As many have been warning for months, the detrimental impact of lockdown policies on public health in the short, medium and long term is enormous.

Surgery has been cancelled for 50,000 children in England; stroke treatment has reduced by 45%; ultrasound examinations were down by more than 65% in April and May; endoscopic examination reduced by nearly 90%; depression rates doubled; alcohol consumption increased markedly; A&E presentation halved and weekly cancer detection reduced by 58%.

It seems, none of this matters to those forcing lockdown policies upon the population. With normal winter excess mortality approaching and a staggering NHS backlog, it is not easy to see how significant additional lockdown mortality can now be avoided. Unable, or unwilling, to even consider the costs of lockdowns, the policy juggernaut rolls on.

The UK government seems to be hell-bent upon making the same "mistakes" again, causing further damage, destroying more lives, for no perceptible public health benefit. At what point do mistakes become deliberate acts?
More than 10,000 qualified scientists, 25,000 medical practitioners and half a million concerned citizens have signed the Great Barrington Declaration asking the government to rethink lockdowns. Rather than discuss the issues raised by the petition, the response was to censor it.

Once again it appears the search engine results were fixed in an attempt to remove it from the public sphere. However, in their enthusiasm to exploit WBE to justify further lockdowns, the UK government have destroyed their entire Covid-19 narrative. WBE shows the official account of how this pandemic supposedly emerged and took hold is now untenable.

Pandemics Don't Work This Way

We all know the official story of Covid-19. It is the tale which allows governments around the world to claim justifications for their draconian lockdown policies. It has provided the opportunity to reshape the entire global economy, our political systems, society and even our culture, into a new abnormal led by global leaders like Klaus Schwab and their "Great Reset" ambitions.

We are told that COVID-19 cases first emerged in China in December 2019, causing mortality within weeks. It reached U.S. shores in late January with the first death recorded on February 6th. The same was allegedly true in the UK, and dangerous community transmission had set in by early February.

Covid-19 was causing havoc in Italy in early February and Spain was besieged by mid February. New Zealand and Australia reported cases in late February, as did Brazil. From its outbreak in Wuhan, Covid-19 purportedly spread around the world in just 9 weeks, compelling the World Health Organisation to declare a global pandemic on March 11th 2020.

The approved Covid-19 story depicts a highly contagious virus which, once unleashed, escalated rapidly causing widespread mortality within weeks of infection. However, if WBE is a proven technique for accurately identifying the presence of the virus, this account simply cannot be true.

In Italy the National Institute of Health (ISS) used WBE to identify the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in samples collected on December 18th 2019 from Milan and Turin. This placed it in Italy nearly two weeks prior to the supposed outbreak of the disease in China.

Brazilian scientists used WBE to discover that the virus was present in November 2019. In Spain, the University of Barcelona reported WBE evidence of SARS-CoV-2 from samples taken in March 2019, a whole year before the WHO declared their global pandemic.

As we now know that WBE is reliable enough to inform government policy and their newly constructed bio surveillance and biosecurity systems, it seems this supposed population threatening virus had been transmitted around the world long before anyone started dying from it.

LINK to full article

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