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Posted by: Lordy x2
07-13-2020, 10:40 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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[Image: lockdown-lessons-pix-700x391.jpg]

By Daisy Luther

The lockdown that recently took place due to the pandemic was like a practice run for a bigger SHTF event. Many of our prepper theories played out and were accurate, while others weren’t as realistic as we thought beforehand.
People who weren’t preppers already learned a lot about why they would want to be better prepared in the future, but they weren’t the only ones who learned lessons. These preppers took a moment to answer questions about the lessons they learned during the lockdown. (Here’s an article about the things I learned.)

What did you learn about preparedness during the lockdown?

I learned two main things. First, I was very surprised at how strongly the isolation hit me. I am a person who is “energized” by interacting with other people. I knew that already, but I was shocked at how MUCH it affected me. Second, I got a taste of normalcy bias. I kept trying to see ways in which our situation was still “Normal”. As a school teacher of little ones for thirty years, I was pretty much used to switching into action immediately to deal with a crisis and putting my feelings on the back burner. So, I was shocked that it took me a couple of months to “accept” the changes in our lives and start looking for creative ways to make life work and meet our needs.

I learned it is so important to pay attention to what’s going on and stay ahead of the crowd. My husband and I were able to stock up two weeks before everyone else panicked. I also learned my plan of being stocked up and shopping only for replacements is a great system. For example I have 3 jars of mayo on the shelf, when I open one I put it on the list to purchase next time and replenish. Same with Costco TP. Every time I shop there I grab one package. We didn’t even go through half our stock pile and I was able to leave it for those who really needed it. I also learned to listen to your instincts, inner voice, the spirit, God or whatever you call it. I listened every time and we have made it through very comfortably. Also, look for opportunities to help others prepare. I have gotten several people to prepare seriously because of staying ahead of everyone else. I couldn’t have done what I did with[out] Daisy and her spot on articles. Like I said earlier, they kept me two weeks ahead of the crowd.

That things happen really fast. If you act when things happen it is too late. Act now.

That prepping is far more than one type of crisis. Organization of preps is vitally important ( I am still not where I need to be). Having a list of recipes and items needed helps with how and what to shop for. Alternative sources for cooking, cleaning etc. are important.

...and many more...


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Posted by: Lordy x2
07-11-2020, 01:52 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Mask Mandates are a terrible waste of Trees

[Image: 5e7cded7ba85ee690669c204?width=1035&format=jpeg]Mask mandates are not about preventing the spread of covid-19, it's about conditioning the masses to do as you are told or face the consequences.

On a side note, I've figured out how to float an image, left as in this case or right by adding pil or pir in bracket tags. The acronym is post image left or right depending on the last letter. Actual usages would look like this...

[pil]image/address[\pil] The text goes here including for right floated images.

Getting back on track, a virus in comparison to air passages in a mask is like a basketball in comparison to a open hanger door big enough to accommodate a jumbo jet. Masks offer little protection for the wearer or those around the wearer. It is not a of badge of honor that you dawn your mask when leaving the house. What it is, is a certificate of ignorance.

I live in Houston, 3 months ago I go into the local Walmart Super Center and maybe two or three people were wearing masks. Two months ago about half the shoppers were wearing masks. I went there a few days ago and I was the only one in the whole store without a mask on. The rent-a-cop door greeter hassled me on my way out. He takes my receipt, looks at it, looks at my cart and ask how many jugs of water did I buy. I knew but I wasn't going to tell him, I don't remember, whats it say?  He counts them off on the receipt and some of them are buried by groceries in the cart. HEY MAN! Do you have to be touching my groceries with your germie hands? Where are your disposable gloves?

He gives me my receipt and a dirty look, at least I think it was a dirty look, kind of hard to tell when they are wearing a mask. Later that day I found out that our Governor mandated a state wide mask usage policy when in public, lucky I didn't get arrested. That is what is going to be happening in the near future and I don't know if the handcuffs will come before or after law enforcement initiates you into club billy.

[Image: Snap-2020-07-10-at-01-54-11.png]The blue portion ot the image to the right depicts a white blood cell and all the small green globules are aids viruses. If someone punches you in the nose while wearing your mask, your mask is going to turn red from all the blood wicking through it. If blood can easily pass through a mask how much of a problem would a virus that is multiple times smaller than a blood cell have passing through a mask?

Scale of the small

GOP Rep. Becomes Weirdly Violent With Mask, Rants About Nazis In Bonkers Video

Here is an example of the MSM trying to gaslight the general public. They claim a certain politician comes off his rocker in regards to wearing masks. The video is broke and doesn't display on their site and there is no link to it. Just a long article on how crazy this politician is. This hit piece is designed to get you to make the mental leap that masks are essential and people who don't believe that are a menace to society. 


Yet when you hunt down the video and watch it you find the guy is not the weirdo they are trying to paint him as.

Look at him, he is totally sane, he is wearing a hardhat eye & ear protection. Crazy, NO! Silly, maybe? They are targeting him because he is railing against the unconstitutional invasive overreach of governmental mask mandates, and the MSM is the propagandizing mouth piece of that mandating entity. So is he actually smarter than average? Ah, I don't know, he did start his video off by saying, "Masks Aren't Bad".  As I mention in the title, to force their use on everyone is a detrimental scourge upon the environment.

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Posted by: Lordy x2
07-10-2020, 02:44 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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After exhausting all the suggested simple email fixes I could find online, I ended up at square one. Starting from scratch and educating myself on how to go about authenticating an email so it can be delivered. In the leaning process I became aware that I needed to add a couple of files to the site's DNS records and my problems would be cured. I also learned how much work would be involved getting everything installed and correctly configured and all the on going maintenance entailed in running a mail server, and said screw this!

I went with a 3rd party solution. For a monthly fee Gmail will take care of serving your mailing needs and nobody will know the difference. After two and a half days, it took me 30 minutes start to finish getting a working mail system in place. G! I should have started there in the first place but I didn't want to spend the money, and if I want to add a few accounts like "" it's going to cost more, so I don't see that happening.

It's a conspiracy! This is the only conspiracy site that has a fully responsive liquid layout. It took a while to get it styled but it's pretty kool! If you are on a desktop or laptop and grab a browser border and start dragging it toward the other border scaling down the window width everything scales with it, way down there under 300px wide. So as it sits this theme should be usable on any width mobile device.

I got twitter tags working, maybe, doesn't seem to be working in the preview pane on the editor page, we'll see what happens when we publish this post. Never mind, I have to turn off my ad blocking for this site for the sound cloud and twitter embeds to work.

I got soundcloud tags working.

I got the sub and super script tags working.

H2O, CO2 PI r2, Lordyx2

So much for the to-do did, now on to the to-do, to-do.

I need to add the preceding tags to buttons on the text editor along with a spoiler button. Similies, I need a bs flags, and picard facepalm, orsen wells clapping gifs, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.... Yeah I know they are immature but I got to have em. I don't know how to get them installed but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I also I want to add another major project and build a responsive dark theme. That's far from everything needing done around here, but what is listed should keep me busy for a while.

I got the user signature separator styled to my liking. Need to do it with text instead of an image.

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Posted by: Tinfoil Tina
07-08-2020, 05:31 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Have you seen the American 2020 quarters series? Could be quarters or it could be something else.

First quarter released in February 2020 was the fruit bat. Timing was suspicious. Covid-19 was said to come from bats. Covid-19 started making news in US media in February.

[Image: 2020-National-Park-of-American-Samoa-Quarter.jpg]

The series is a riddle to me. Rockefeller name on one of the quarters. And a mangrove tree. Said to be invasive. But if you google mangrove conspiracy in duck-duck-go the first result is Bohemian grove.

[Image: 2020-America-the-Beautiful-Quarter-Images.jpg]

2020 quarters privy mark.

The first 2020-W America the Beautiful quarter dollar that will be issued with an obverse privy mark paying homage to the 75th anniversary of American involvement at the end of World War II.

The privy mark, incorporated into the master die, features V75 within a multi-sided cartouche, to celebrate the 2020 anniversary.
Because approval for the inclusion of the privy mark came after the National Park of American Samoa circulating quarter dollar striking had already begun at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, the first 2020-W quarter dollars with privy mark from the West Point Mint to be released into circulation with Denver and Philadelphia Mint production will be the Weir Farm National Historic Site coins on April 6, according to Todd Martin, the U.S. Mint’s acting director for corporate communications.

[Image: privy-mark-quarter-close-up.tmb-slide-19...31a5ead1_1]

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Posted by: Lordy x2
07-08-2020, 04:28 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Back in 2006 there was a theory floating around the internet that Walmart Stores would become the concentration camps of the new millenium. Critics quickly dismissed this prediction as a conspiracy theory gone wild. Yet advocates of this postulation pointed out the fact there were no windows in Walmart stores was proof positive the government was up to something nefarious in the sudden proliferation of Walmart stores in minority communities throughout the country.

At the beginning of January 2016, Walmart announced it was closing 154 stores in the U S and Puerto Rico, according to the January 15, 2016 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Two years later, Forbes reported in its January 11, edition, “the sudden closing of 63 Sam’s Club” stores. Walmart owns Sam Clubs.

Today, ABC News reported a closed Walmart store now serves as a detention center for immigrants who crossed the U S southern border in Texas seeking asylum from persecution in their home country. ABC reported that...


The Walmart saga continues...

This caption is straight from the New York Times itself!!

BROWNSVILLE, Tex. — In the loading docks, children sat in a darkened auditorium watching the animated movie “Moana.”

Where there were once racks of clothes and aisles of appliances, there were now spotless dorm-style bedrooms with neatly made beds and Pokemon posters on the walls. 

With all the Bizzarre events that have taken place in the last 6 months, how can we not question everything at this point?

The Walmart conspiracy was that they are closing Walmarts and turning them into FEMA camps, well it’s not just a conspiracy theory anymore...


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Posted by: Haz
07-07-2020, 09:47 PM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Posted by: Lordy x2
07-07-2020, 02:21 AM
Forum: Redemption 101
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I just threw the forum logo together real quick and it needs work, when I get a chance I'm going to do a better job with it. Speaking of the logo, Rio de Janeiro, that is where that statue is located. I had a friend that took a cruise and one of his ports of call was Rio. The activity director was trying to make a point that if you weren't back onboard when the ship sailed you were SOL. To reiterate he said if you took the tour up the mountain to visit the statue of Christ, and while you were up there you notice the ship pulling out to sea... Don't turn back around and look at him, because at that point not even he could help you!

That got a laugh, but I figure if you actually found yourself in that situation in might be helpful if you know the following prayer.

[Image: ab82bdb79cd938394ad6632913790311--drug-r...quotes.jpg]

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Posted by: Guest
07-07-2020, 12:18 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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Posted by: ld2 nli
07-06-2020, 06:45 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
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[Image: Dn7w-Bo-D-d.jpg]

Unwise allowing guest users to post images, figuring out how and taking steps to prevent it is now on my To-Do list.

The question is, should I resize the video making it smaller or should I let it eat the width of the entire page as is? Might be wise to downsize it to better fit mobile devices. All in favor say aye.

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Posted by: Lordy x2
07-06-2020, 01:18 AM
Forum: The Truth is in Here
- Replies (33)

Lousy thieving shysters, many moons ago probably more than a dozen, I was flirting with the ideal of screwing together my own MyBB site and I came up with a name I liked. At the time I wasn't committed to getting started, but I wanted to find out how much a domain name would set me back for future reference. I couldn't complain about the prices, but I made the mistake of plugging my name into their search form to see if the name was available, it was! Of course I was pretty much aware of that fact because when I typed it into my browser it would return an error trying to locate the address.

Fast forward many moons and I decide to go for it, but it seemed the domain name registrar liked my name also and at some point in time registered it for themselves, so could they could offer it at a premium. Why you lousy thieving shysters, I should have but I didn't complain, annoyed, I noticed they hadn't registered my name under ".net" so long story short...

End of 1st rant.

A little more history FYI, I put this site on a Digitalocean droplet which is a virtual server making me the full blown web master. Master? It took 3 days to get the site working when the tutorial I was following said it should take about an hour. The problems ended up being edits to varying server.conf files that were omitted by the tutorial. The tutorial sucked, so did the MyBB theme. So I download a responsive theme and started tweaking on it trying to get it to look somewhat like LOP.

At this point the theme displays correctly on desktops and laptops, however I'm going to have to do some more tweaking on various media breaks in the style sheet to get it to display right on mobile devises. No biggie, the biggie turns out is the fact that my server doesn't have access to email software. Now I got to figure out how to setup an email server on my droplet. In order to do that I need to back-up the work I have done so far, because I might end up blowing this place up trying to get an email server installed. In the meantime...

Welcome to my nightmare, if you've read this far maybe you wouldn't mind creating a post to say hi, or leave some constructive criticism on the site layout, or better yet bring us up to date on the latest conspiracy.

Til Then

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